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Patient Resources for Chiron Health Video Visits

Ditch the Drive - Schedule a Video Visit

03 Dec

What is a Video Visit?

Telemedicine is a new technology used in healthcare and many patients have questions about it. One of the most common questions, 'What are video visits?', is a good place to start!

Video visits are appointments scheduled with your doctor and conducted over the internet through a shared video call between you and your doctor. Join your doctor over secure video connection on any computer or iPhone/iPad with a webcam and microphone.

Video visits maintain the same quality experience as in-person appointments. They are personalized face-to-face interactions that make it easy to preserve medical history and enable excellent care. In most cases, video visits with your regular doctor are covered by your health plan and are more effective than trips to an urgent care clinic or an on-demand service.

Video visits are convenient. Less time in the doctor’s office means more time back in your day. No more battling traffic, parking, or taking time away from busy schedules. Video visits with your doctor are easy and can be booked at your convenience.

Have more questions about video visits? View our Patient Resources page.